The Veggie Van


Westchester County is taking a stand to help the environment with a new program.  There are seven vehicles in the county that now run solely on excess cooking oil produced from restaurants in the surrounding area.  There are also 125 vehicles that run on a mix of cooking oil and diesel fuel.  The program will look to take excess cooking oil from restaurants to run these vehicles.    

According to an article in the New York Times, for every 10,000 gallons of cooking oil collected, the county could save about $25,000 in diesel fuel costs.  Restaurants are also experiencing a cut in costs.  The county’s  program takes cooking oil off the hands of restaurants for free when normally  restaurants rely on private disposal services to take away frying oil that cannot be reused.  

Running vehicles on a mix of vegetable oil and diesel fuel is, first of all, a lot cheaper for the county and secondly, part of its initiative to reduce its impact on the environment.  

So, make way for the Veggie Van, one of the seven vehicles that are more environmentally friendly in Westchester, because not only is it cheap to use cooking oil, it’s relatively inexpensive to build processing systems for the oil.  The price averages out to be about $1,000 for each system and there are currently seven in the county.  

The program is relatively new and therefore Westchester is not certain on the number of restaurants that will participate.  But with benefits on both ends, the outlook is groovy.  

“Turning Cooking Oil into Fuel for the County”


~ by awhite2 on October 30, 2009.

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